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JAVA -At its very beginning……..


Java is a simple, object oriented, distributed, robust, secure, portable, interpreted, high performance, multithreaded and dynamic language.

A group of Sun Engineers, led by Patrick Naughton and James Gosling designed a small computer language that could be used for consumer devices like cable TV switchboxes. These devices used low power, low memory and supported multiple architecture. This project was named as “Green”.
A portable language that genereated intermediate code for a hypothetical machine( called Virtual Machine), was designed to fulfill the requirement for small, tight and platform neutral code. These intermediate code could then be used on any machine that had the correct interpreter.
Green project engineers used a virtual machine so as to solve their problem.
Sun people behind Green project came from a UNIX background, so they made the language Object Oriented rather than the Procedural language. Gosling decided to call his language “Oak”. The people at the Sun later realized that Oask was the name of an existing language. So, they changed the name to Java.
Java had some misconceptions in the early days. It was thought that :

    Java is an extension of HTML,
    Java is an easy programming language to learn,
    Java is an easy environment in whichto program,
    Java will become a universal programming language for all platforms,
    Java is just another programming language,
    JavaScript is a simpler version of Java.